so who are...
THE ACCOMMODANT - Womanizing elected leader of the world whose political "genius" lies in accommodating the masses.
THE LORD REGENT - Panla Jen's scheming arch rival for her top seat in the Cathedral
YOLO - Master of all media where morality holds no lease
MR. LINNFELD - Panla Jen's lead attendent and confidant
FEEBIE - Attendant to Panla Jen whose faithful allegiances are put to the test
RABBEL - Terrorist atheist insurrection mastermind who loves Panla Jen and hates the Cathedral
LEESLA - Pernicious lieutennant of the atheist insurrection who has everything to lose
REZA - Wealthy psychotic nymph who joins the atheist insurrection to anger her father
DURN - Insurrection's crazed trigger man and boyfriend to Reza
JUDS - Slithery arms trader/deal maker
MR. PONT - Journalist searching for his conscience in an industry which rewards none
LIBBI - Queen of talksow gutter wit and woman about town .
FINX - Dashing young entertainment icon gone dead
RALGH - Crilen's alien MC
The Players